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Multiply Your Email List & Turn Lurkers Into Leads

Grab a notebook & get ready to learn the NEW WAY TO FLOOD YOUR EMAIL LIST, and create a reliable, repeatable, EASY lead-generation machine brings buyers to your door.


  • You've been thinking about starting a podcast or VIDEO channel but it seems like A TON OF WORK and is overwhelming.

  • You don't want to lose thousands of dollars in ads every month.

  • You've tried all the strategies the "big gurus" use and they aren't bringing you any results.

  • Frankly, you're tired of being the best-kept secret and seeing less experienced online coaches passing you by.

In this 35-minute, no-fluff training, you'll learn the secret strategy that you can use to create fast growth in weeks instead of months or years:

Why this new, fast-growth lead-generation system will completely change you do you marketing

  • The benefits your business will experience when you use this system to scale your business.

  • The framework that makes this a low-effort method and easy to implement

  • 3 phases and the steps you need to take in each phase to create the impact you want

Hi ~ I'm Wendy Breakstone...

I'm on a mission to help online coaches and digital entrepreneurs streamline and simplify their marketing, sales, and business operations systems. 

After years of using mediocre software, I launched CEO SIMPLE - the one-stop platform for your email marketing, CRM, courses, and more!

I also created the magical Micro Audio Summit™️ system so that you can effortlessly expand your audience, grow your email list, and fill your programs with the highly-targeted clients.

For the past two-ish decades, I've consulted and mentored hundreds of service-based entrepreneurs and small business owners who need marketing and operations support in order to create sustainable, long-lasting growth.



Wendy Breakstone - Creator of the Micro Audio Summit

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