organize all of your AI prompts and content in one

easy-to-manage system!

Everyone and their mothers are talking about content creation with AI.

But no one is helping keep all your prompts and content organized...

Until now.

Is your ChatGPT sidebar can be a hot mess?

You've got tons of chat conversations, prompts, and content waiting to be used... but it's hard to track and find.

Without a simple way to organize your best prompts and find the best content, you'll waste time scrolling through a long, unstructured sidebar.


You can use the AI CONTENT MARKETING ORGANIZER ~ The Simple, All-In-One Prompts & Content Management System.

Now you can easily track, use and, repupurpose your best prompts and content. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to a simple, all-in-one system.

What's Inside...

  • How To Use the Organizer Training

  • Prompts Bank with 100+ Prompts to get you started

  • Content Cabinet System

  • All My Info Cheatsheet

  • Specialized Trainings Library

  • AI Tools & Resources

  • BONUS Speaker Niche & Topics Libraries

OH SHOOT - This is currently not available.


Built in Notion (a free note-taking and database software), this easy-to-use content tracking and management system is infinitely expandable along with your ChatGPT and AI adventures!

No more scrolling through endlessly trying to find that “one GPT chat from three weeks ago…”

With the AI CONTENT MARKETING ORGANIZER, you'll have one place to save, categorize, search, and filter all of your prompts and content like a pro.

Whether you're a social media maven, email marketing guru, or content creation queen, this tool has got you covered. So, if you're tired of feeling like a disorganized mess, it's time to level up your game with the AI CONTENT ORGANIZER.

Trust me… your sanity will thank you.

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